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Taicang Government and Fosun Tourism Group Jointly Launch Phase II Project of Taicang Alps Resort, Creating a World-class Ski Destination.

TAICANG, China, June 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — On June 18, the signing ceremony for the Taicang Alps Resort Phase II project, a one-stop ice and snow-themed urban resort destination under Fosun Tourism Group (Fosun Holiday, stock code: 01992.HK), was grandly held at Club Med Urban Oasis Taicang Resort. The Phase II project, with a total investment exceeding 5 billion yuan, will be funded by the Taicang Municipal Government and managed by the Fosun Tourism Group.

Signing Ceremony for Phase II of Taicang Alps Resort
Signing Ceremony for Phase II of Taicang Alps Resort

Wang Xiangyuan, Secretary of Taicang Municipal Committee, Xu Huadong, Vice Secretary of Taicang Municipal Committee and the mayor, Wang Hongxing, Chairman of Standing Committee of Taicang People’s Congress, Zhao Jianchu, Taicang CPPCC Chairman, Guo Guangchang, Chairman of Fosun International, Xu Xiaoliang, Co-CEO of Fosun International and Chairman of the Board of Fosun Tourism Group, Zhu Wenkui, VP of Fosun International and Secretary of Fosun Party Committee, Cao Minglong, President and Chief Operating Officer of Fosun Tourism Group, and Bao Jiangjun, Co-President of Fosun Tourism Group and CEO of Taicang Alps Resort attended the ceremony and announced the official launch of the Phase II project.

Vice Secretary of Taicang Municipal Committee and the mayor, Xu Huadong stated, “In recent years, Taicang has forged a strong partnership with Fosun International to develop the largest indoor ski resort in East China. The launch of the Taicang Alps Resort has been a resounding success, quickly establishing itself as a leading ice and snow tourism destination in the Yangtze River Delta. It has received frequent praise on CCTV, substantially increasing Taicang’s fame and attracting a surge in visitors. Ice and snow tourism is an emerging sector within the travel industry. Building on this momentum, both parties are now preparing for the Phase II project. This strategic expansion is set to reinforce Taicang’s position as a leader in the ice and snow market of the Yangtze River Delta, enhancing its reputation as a premier ‘ice and snow world’ destination in the southern region. Taicang is fully committed to advancing the Phase II construction with dedication, aiming to create new landmarks in ice and snow tourism. This initiative will elevate the city’s status as a key hub for the ice and snow industry and strategically develop a comprehensive tourism plan. Our vision is to transform Taicang into a captivating leisure destination within the Yangtze River Delta, where every location offers picturesque views, convenience, and memorable experiences.”

Creating a “World-Class Ski Resort,” Phase II Construction Officially Launched

Taicang Alps Resort Phase II project is funded by the Taicang Municipal Government and managed by the Fosun Tourism Group. Guided by its mission to become the largest-scale one-stop snow-themed resort destination, the Phase II project aims to set several world records in ski resorts, including the longest indoor ski slope and the most comprehensive entertainment facilities.

Conceptual Renderings for Phase II of Taicang Alps Resort
Conceptual Renderings for Phase II of Taicang Alps Resort

The ski resort will cover a total area of approximately 190,000 square meters, potentially making it the largest indoor ski resort in the world. With its design inspired by “Xiangyun Ruyi” (Auspicious Clouds), it echoes the “Snow Ruyi” of the Beijing Winter Olympics’ Zhangjiakou outdoor ski resorts, setting a new trend in China’s ski industry. The ski resort will feature three slopes: a snowboard slope, an intermediate slope, and an advanced slope. Skiers of all levels can enjoy a total slope length of 1,700 meters, including a 690-meter single slope with a vertical drop of 120 meters.

In addition, the Phase II project will include snow-view hotels and themed hotels, offering a variety of themed rooms to create an immersive accommodation experience. The resort will also feature a comprehensive range of facilities, including a water park, a land park, hot springs, an aquarium, and dining shows. Along with activities like dome walking, bungee jumping, and interactive light shows, the resort will offer a rich and diverse one-stop ski experience.

Promoting the Popularization of Winter Sports and High-Quality Development of the Ice-Snow Economy

In recent years, China has continuously released several positive signals in support of the development of the ice-snow industry through providing policy support and planning guidance. As part of its “Several Measures to Stimulate Tourism Consumption Potential and Promote High-Quality Development of the Tourism Industry” published in September 2023, the State Council recommended: “Develop the ice-snow economy, promote the entire industrial chain of winter sports, equipment, and tourism, and strengthen ski resorts.” China’s expanding winter sports consumer base is driving rising market demand. The ice-snow tourism industry has evolved from solely ticket sales to a diversified consumption model, with ice-snow products advanced from sport and sightseeing attributes to a vacation model integrating sports, tourism, and entertainment.

As a model of vacation ice-snow products, Taicang Alps Resort continuously optimizes and upgrades its ice-snow experience in response to the call to “engaging 300 million people in ice and snow activities” initiative. The Phase II project will provide year-round fun for professional skiers and unique snow-themed leisure vacation experiences for tourists. There will be a diverse array of formats available in Phase I and Phase II that will meet the needs of all ages.

Since its opening, the Alps International Resort Phase I has garnered approximately 320,000 visitors. With the launch of the Phase II project, Taicang Alps Resort is moving closer to its goal of becoming the “world’s leading and largest indoor ice-snow vacation and entertainment destination.” The successful operation of Phase I provides confidence and motivation for the Phase II project, supporting Taicang’s development into a world-class ice-snow industry hub. The resort will foster a robust winter sports and related industries, with an all-encompassing ice and snow industry chain. This initiative aims to propel Taicang into a new era of dual-driven development – “the home of German enterprises” and “the city of ice and snow”. The goal is to establish a globally recognized one-stop destination for winter sports tourism.

The signing of this project marks a significant milestone for Fosun Tourism Group in implementing its asset-light strategy. As one of the earliest Chinese companies venturing overseas, Fosun Tourism Group has accumulated extensive industry experience and built a professional team over the years through the introduction of globally recognized IPs. In early 2023, Fosun committed to an asset-light approach for future endeavors, prioritizing enhancement in product, brand, service, and experience. Fosun Tourism Group’s fiscal year 2023 performance revealed ongoing shifts in revenue profile, with tourism operation revenue soaring beyond 93% while real estate rose fractionally to under 7%. This transition epitomizes Fosun’s evolution towards a predominantly asset-light business model.

In the realm of ice and snow, Fosun Tourism Group has established both indoor and outdoor infrastructure, allowing for diverse ski experiences. Notably, Alps Snow Live offers indoor experience, while Club Med operates three outdoor ski resorts in China – at Yabuli, Beidahu, and Changbaishan. As a global leading brand in winter tourism, Club Med currently operates 25 outdoor ski resorts worldwide, spanning renowned destinations such as the Alps, Hokkaido, and Quebec.

Xu Xiaoliang, Co-CEO of Fosun International and Chairman of the Board of Fosun Tourism Group, stated: “As a key snow-themed one-stop high-end urban resort destination created by Fosun Tourism Group, Taicang Alps Resort has quickly become a popular destination for families and young people in the Yangtze River Delta region since its opening in November 2023. The signing of the Phase II project not only demonstrates our leadership in the ice-snow industry but also represents a significant milestone in Fosun Tourism Group’s light asset operation strategy. In the future, Fosun Tourism Group will continue to leverage its global resources and industry operation capabilities in the ice-snow industry, bringing more engaging and diversified ice-snow vacation experiences to tourists nationwide while promoting the high-quality development of the Yangtze River Delta’s cultural and tourism industry.”

Speech by Xu Xiaoliang, Co-CEO of Fosun International and Chairman of the Board of Fosun Tourism Group
Speech by Xu Xiaoliang, Co-CEO of Fosun International and Chairman of the Board of Fosun Tourism Group


About Taicang Alps Resort

Developed by Fosun Tourism Group, Taicang Alps Resort is located in Taicang, Suzhou, adjacent to Taicangnan Station and Jiading District of Shanghai, which is just an hour’s drive from downtown Shanghai. The resort spans over an area of 1 square kilometer with a total construction area of about 1.3 million square meters. With a wide range of experiences, such as winter sports, leisure, hotels, dining, shopping, and exhibition services, it strives to become a one-stop high-end urban resort destination. The resort is themed around the “Alps” and Phase I features six major themed experience zones: Alps Snow Live Ski Resort, Alps Snow Live Ice and Snow Park, Club Med Urban Oasis Taicang Resort, Alps Times, Alps Camp, and Alps Cosmos. The Phase II project will include the world’s largest indoor ski resort, hotels with snow views, theme hotels, water parks, land parks, hot springs, aquariums, and other related facilities, offering an extensive one-stop snow-themed city vacation experiences.

About Fosun Tourism Group

Fosun Tourism Group (also known as FTG and Fosun Holiday, stock code: 01992.HK), is a world-leading leisure-focused integrated tourism group. As a core component of Fosun’s Happiness business segment and embracing the mission of “Better Holiday, Better Life”, Fosun Tourism Group endeavors to pioneer holiday lifestyle and create a world-leading family leisure and tourism ecosystem.

Fosun Tourism Group owns brands and products including Club Med, the global leader operating more than 60 resorts that offers exquisite “all-inclusive” holidays; Atlantis Sanya, a one-stop ocean-themed integrated high-end tourism destination; Taicang Alps Resort and Lijiang Club Med Resort, two one-stop global leisure and tourism destinations; Foryou Club that serves members of Fosun Tourism Group worldwide, etc.


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